Do You Still Think Global Warming is a Myth?

By Karly Shire

Remember the good old days, when a heavy snow storm meant a day off from school and fun in the snow? Well now it means driving in terrible conditions, wearing 10 pounds of clothing, and of course destruction.

The video shows the destruction of the Cheat Lake Marina after Storm Troy.  Chunks of ice floated down the river, ripping off every dock in it’s path.  The current was so strong that it swept up the docks and carried them miles away from where the once were.


Destroyed dock–

Docks floating down the

Docks floating down the river–

Cheat Lake Marina is looking at a several hundred dollar project, but they do plan on opening in time for the Summer season.  Cheat Lake has experienced the damaging effects a winter storm can cause, fortunately the damage is all reparable and no one was hurt.

Winter storms can have devastating effects.  It seems that winter progressively gets worse each and every year.  “Snowmageddon” and “Snowpocalypse” have become a popular way to describe the snow storms this country, particularly the northeast, has faced.

Many people relate these heavy winter storms to global warming. While I’m not a scientist, I would assume warming means getting hotter–this assumption is correct.  According to a Washington Post article, global warming enhances extreme snowfall because the intense heat that occurs on the other hemisphere combines with the cold air, creating a winter nor’easter.

With winters getting more and more severe, they are costing states more to repair the damage done.  One of the biggest problems (and not just in West Virginia) is potholes.  Road repairs from the freezing and thawing of pavement is a big bill.  Big cities, like New York and Boston, spend millions of dollars in winter recovery plans, much of which goes to filling potholes.

The destruction of the Cheat Lake Marina was just a small look into what a winter storm can cause.  Global warming becomes a bigger problem every year, affecting every one.


4 thoughts on “Do You Still Think Global Warming is a Myth?

  1. I was just talking about this the other day. I think back to when I was younger and winter started in October, and this year it didn’t really start until January. I remember seeing on Facebook the morning the docks got destroyed. I could not believe my eyes. It seemed like such a weird thing to happen, but then I got to thinking about how violent the current probably was. Really good post, and I really like the pictures and video you chose to include.


  2. I really enjoyed the video and pictures that you included in this article! I was surprised to find out that global warming can actually increase snowfall and contribute to these nasty storms. This area was hit hard and it will take some time to repair all of the damage that was done, but I can only imagine how the people in Boston and New England feel.


  3. This really hits home because my uncle rents one of the docks on the Marina every summer. Last summer, I spent most of my free time out on Cheat Lake laying out on the docks. It’s so sad to think that I might not be able to do that this summer! I really liked your explanation of global warming when it comes to snowfall and potholes. I knew it cause them, but didn’t know how, and you did a really good job of explaining to the general public. Also, I really liked your use of pictures from news sources.


  4. I have never been that much into global warming, I mean I know a little but not that much. Although I do know about huge snow storms and I do also think of a big snowstorm as a day off of school and have never thought about the destruction it could bring. Then the potholes it brings just kills I mean everyone knows that potholes suck, I liked that you went over what could be wrong with global warming. Good Post.


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